Best Foods For Body Building


The Lycopene content in tomatoes assists to protect your system from various degenerative diseases. It is better if you cook the tomatoes or consume them in tomato paste form. It is advisable to try to consume at least half a tomato or up to 12 – 20 ounces of tomato juice, on an everyday basis.


As per recent research it has been proved that it is important to eat the whole egg and not just the white. The fat present n the yolk is said to help satiety. This also contains various important nutrients that help to fight the effect of the cholesterol contained in the yolk.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoid nutrients, which inturn slows down platelet clumping. The chances for a stroke, heart attack and embolisms are thus reduced up to a great extent. Ensure that the dark chocolate you consume is only up to half a bar that contains at least 70 % cocoa.


Almonds are rich in amino acids and a great source of energy which also help to boost testosterone levels and promote muscle growth. They also assist to lower bad cholesterol as they have plant sterols and also assist to maintain blood sugar levels in case of diabetics. The almonds are also rich in antioxidants. Eating a handful of almonds in a day without removing the skin has great overall health benefits and also helps to keep the skin looking youthful.


Bananas are rich source of potassium. Bananas have the capability to prevent calcium loss in the body since it is an electrolyte too. Bananas support the immune functioning and the nervous system. They work well to help to metabolize protein. As per recent studies, it has been found that a single banana has the daily recommended daily value of potassium and aids in muscle recovery.

The above mentioned food items are some options that people who are into body building. However there is a body building supplement that is available in the market today. HGH XL is a natural ingredient supplement which is responsible to give your metabolism a direct boost. By choosing to use the HGH XL, you will be in a better position to take your workout to the next levels and thus you can finally achieve that dream muscular body that you have always wanted.

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