Fat Burning Foods And Metabolism

Metabolism is the basis of fat loss. High metabolism leads to fat loss whereas low metabolism equals gain in weight. Therefore the best way of judging whether your diet or fat loss program works for you is what it does when it comes to improving your metabolic rate. How many calories you burn each day depends on your metabolic rate. Normally, your metabolism will decrease as you grow older, but there is nothing to get discouraged about. Even if your metabolism starts dropping, you can still turn this around with suitable diet and the right exercise program.

  1. Cardio:

High intensity cardio in comparison to regular exercise causes a spectacular boost in post-exercise metabolism. An even more efficient version of high intensity cardio is interval training. A recent study made a finding that high strength exercises burn twice as much calorie as conventional long-duration cardio.

  1. Resistance Training:

One of the best weight loss secrets is resistance or weight training. Lot of people, particularly women, shies away from resistance training for fear of bulking up. Women do not create the same amount of testosterone as men do, so you have nothing to fear in that region. Even if you’re a man, if you’re not hereditarily predisposed to do so and are not taking a heavy dose of growth hormones and steroids you will never achieve the built of a champion bodybuilder.

One important feature to remember when it comes to weight training is the number of repetitions per set. Keep it between 8 and 12 reps. if you can do more than 12 effortlessly, then the weight is too light. If you can’t perform at least 7 reps properly, then the weight is too heavy. Stick to the harder exercise. Doing more reps burn less fat as compared to lifting a heavier weight with fewer reps.

  1. Consume natural nutrient rich Foods:

Natural foods are rich in nutrients and fiber and are excellent metabolism boosters. Beans, fruits, vegetables, seeds and roots are huge fat burners and should be included into your weight loss meal plan.

  1. Split your meals into 6 smaller ones:

One of the best techniques to boost your metabolism is to take six meals a day. It not only helps you to burn fat, but also leads to lower cholesterol level. Also, continuously eating tiny meals all through the day minimizes harmful food cravings that could disrupt your fat loss efforts.

You can also take bodybuilding supplement to lose weight and get fitter. HGH XL is one such supplement that can help to boost your metabolism and reduce fat. HGH XL is also very helpful in increasing your muscle mass.

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