Three Vital Abs Routine

It is dream come true for every body builder to possess the perfect 6 pack abs towards achieving their complete body building goals. With regards to getting the perfect abs there are 3 vital works outs that you can perform at the gym and achieve your goal of getting that perfect 6 pack abs.

  1. Cable Crunch: By hooking a rope attachment to a high pully at your work cable station you need to get hold of the handle and hold them towards the side of your head. Now slowly descend to your knees with your thighs being perpendicular to the floor. Now gradually tilt forward at your hips at around 30-45degrees. While executing this workout ensure that your form of your head is neutral and upper body is rigid. Slowly contract your abs as you do during an abs crunch by bringing your face closer to the floor. Just as you nearing the floor you need to stop and squeeze your abs by slowly returning to the start position.
  2. Hanging Leg Lift: Grasp a pull up bar with a shoulder width grip as you look forwards. In case of a shoulder problem ensure to make use of an arm strap at your elbows. Keep your toes pointed and your legs straight and by contracting your lower abs slowly commence the movement. Move your hips upwards and get your legs such that it is parallel to the floor. Try to hold this position for a couple of second then lower your legs back to the start position.
  3. Swiss Ball Side Crunch: Sit with your back erect on a Swiss ball and lean backwards until you lye back on the ball. With your feet width shoulder distance slowly put your right hand on the right side of your head and left hand on your right obliques. Move your body left such that you left foot and the inside of your right foot are touching the floor. This is the traditional Swiss Ball Side Crunch.

By performing the above mentioned abs workout you can try to achieve the 6 pack abs. However there is an effective supplement called the HGH XL. HGH XL will make your body building goals possible as it enhances the power and allows you to take your weight lifting to the heavier levels.

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