Tips For Muscle Growth

  1.  Supreme muscle builders are free-weight compound exercises, so if you want those huge muscles go for free weights. There is certainly no issue if you want to continue with machines or cables along with free weights.
  2.  Our bodies have restricted amount of recovery capacity, as well as restricted amount of energy to invest in building new muscle tissue.
  3.  Make sure that your exercise should not last for more 90 minutes.
  4.  Do not train more than 2 days in a row without taking a break from the gym.
  5.  Train for a minimum of 4 days in a week.
  6.  Using strict form on all of your workouts will give surety that you are stimulating the muscle that you wish to aim. Once you reach breakdown using strict form, then it is ok to use energy to try and extend your set a bit further.
  7.  Protein is required to build and repair muscle tissue, hence the most important part of bodybuilding is to consume proteins.
  8.  Not consuming enough proteins can hold back your gains no matter how best your training and supplementation programs are scheduled.
  9.  For a full fledged bodybuilder a minimum of 1-1.5 gram of protein per lb. of body-weight should be consumed daily.
  10.  Soon after your workout session is over your muscles are not only starving for protein and carbohydrates, but also your complete metabolic system is in a situation where huge amount of nutrients can be sent directly towards the muscle cells. Hence, the best thing you can do at this time is drink a shake containing 30-60 grams of fast acting whey protein and 60-120 grams of high glycemic carbs depending upon your individual weight and goal.
  11.  You can include body building supplements to get speedy results. Supplements containing creatine, beta-alanine, BCAA’s, glut-amine, agmatine, caffeine, etc. can be super useful in this case.
  12.  Proper nutritional intake will give you the building blocks essential to build new lean tissue however; it will go in vain if your body does not get the time work on this amazing process. Hence, sleep of minimum 8 hours is required for your body to recover and revive.
  13.  Many of us over-train and feel culpable regarding taking a day off however, this is a myth. The body repairs and strengthens itself in the time amid workouts, and incessant training can in fact weaken one of the strongest bodybuilders.
  14.  Try to alter your workout regime throughout the year for e.g. time, intensity, etc. There are restrictions to how much stress the body can tolerate before it breaks down and risks damage.
  15.  Set sensible and assess-able goals and approach them with the right attitude. In bodybuilding, endurance and determination will be your greatest allies.
  16.  Drink a minimum of at least a gallon of water every day.
  17.  Bodybuilding does not only boost muscular strength but as well as the bone and ligament strength. This means in your old age you need not stick to a cane or rocking chair because you have strong bones.

Taking proper diet and some good dietary supplement is very important along with the routine exercise regime. You actually want far more carbohydrate and protein than average people to get a ripped body. Many people take steroids to get the chiselled upper body but steroids as we all know can be harmful for health.

Supplement makers have launched good and effective natural products for boosting the muscle-building sex hormone.

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